Experience the future of Night Vision with proprietary iGEN® Technology

  iGEN® Night Vision Viewer - NOIGM3X
Viewer with Image Capture - NOIGM3X-IC

The iGEN® Night Vision Viewer is the leading edge of the new tubeless night vision technology. Traditional night vision devices employ electron bombardment vacuum tube technology to amplify ambient light. iGEN®  technology uses image processing techniques, special optics and low-light sensing technology to bring night vision into the digital age. Performance surpasses Generation-2. Compare to Generation-3!
iGEN® advantage is:
•  Better image quality with high, 30-line-pair per millimeter, edge-to-edge display resolution
•  Better image quality with no image distortion from photocathode or phosphorescent screen blemishes
•  Easier diopter focusing
•  Two times the sensitivity to infrared light, useful in total darkness with the aid of the infrared emitter
•  Intelligent infrared emitter. Microprocessor automatically adjusts infrared intensity and electronic gain
   to optimize image to changing ambient light conditions.
•  Undistorted infrared emitter – bright clear scene illumination with no dark spots and no uneven
   light patterns
•  Ambient light amplification capability higher than Generation-1 technology at default exposure.
   Light amplification capability superior to Generation-2 with the use of exposure control.
•  Easy-connect image capture capability through composite video output
•  Programmability
•  Bright-light see-through capability. No bright-spot blooming or halo-effect typical with conventional
   night vision.
•  More robust. No risk of damage from bright light exposure. No fragile vacuum tubes.