Here at Night Owl Optics we have decades of experience and technological expertise in the night vision industry.  Through it all, we have developed a clear understanding of two very important aspects:

1. Users of optical products have high     
    expectations. They want to see everything
    and see it clearly, even under the most
    difficult conditions.

2. Night Vision technology presents
    formidable challenges in meeting these
    high expectations in a modestly-priced

Years of research, product development, field testing and quality engineering further convinced us that only one formula could meet these challenges.

              Investment + Innovation = The Best Products

Night Owl Optics represents the result of that investment and innovation in all of our products shown on these pages. From iGen® , the industry’s most innovative and high performance product, to the industry’s most refined line of night vision binoculars, our products push the edge of quality, ergonomics, design and performance.


                                                           Tom Walsh, President Night Owl Optics